Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kombucha! We've got it!

We now sell kombucha! What brand? Our own! We brew it ourselves! It's unbelievable!
Clearly, we're excited about this.

Kombucha, for those not in the know, is a fermented tea beverage. It is sometimes called "mushroom tea", because the kombucha culture sort of resembles a mushroom. Its taste varies depending on what sort of tea and/or herbs are used, but it generally has a sweet, slightly tart taste to it. It is naturally carbonated as well. Very refreshing on a hot day!
It has a detoxifying effect on the body, so its purported health benefits are wide ranging. I feel it is primarily good for your digestive system, especially your intestinal flora.
I first started brewing kombucha nearly two years ago. I got the culture from a Budhist temple in Montreal, and brought it with me when I moved west. I've tried lots of variations with different herbs and nutrients for it, and have a pretty good knack for making interesting, medicinal, delicious brews. I'm even experimenting with some kombucha smoothies...
Come try some!

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