Sunday, June 20, 2010

Now at Quidditas: Juices & Smoothies!!

Quidditas Juice Bar now open for business!

We’ve been working hard to get everything perfect, but now we are ready to serve fresh vegetables juices and delicious, unqiue smoothie creations.
What make our juice bar different from others is that you won’t find smoothies loaded with artificially sweetened juices, soy products, or yogurt and sorbet. We use iced herbal teas, organic almond milk and fresh vegetable juices as the liquid bases for our smoothies and sweeten them when needed with stevia.
Here’s an example of one of our original smoothie recipes that already proving to be quiet popular: The Green Monkey. It’s got a fantastic hibiscus-rooibos-rosehip tea base, banana, blueberries, a generous portion of kale, some spirulina and our favourite greens powder, Greens First. It comes out dark green, a little creamy from the banana, still a bit chunky from the kale, and completely delicious.
Everyone who has tried one loves it. We already have regulars coming across the city for them!

All our juices are made on our brand new Champion juicer. The Champion extracts juice from vegetables in a gentler way than most commercial juicers, leaving the nutrients in the juice more intact. The juice from conventional “centrifugal ejection” juicers oxidizes quickly and loses most of its nutrition within minutes of preparation. The Champion extends the juice’s freshness by several hours.

Come on down and try one!

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